Aviation International Criminal Air Law

Subject areaLaw and Regulations
Course languageEnglish
NameAviation International Criminal Air Law
Duration5 Days

Course Benefits

  • Providing participants with a general idea about Public International Air Law, Private International Air Law, Criminal Air Law, National Civil Aviation Law and Regulations.
  • Provide the participants with the necessary knowledge regarding the international legal framework governing the Acts of Unlawful Interference.
  • Provide the participants with the necessary knowledge in the field of Aviation Security crimes to achieve common understanding with the other State Authorities.
  • Understanding the State obligations towards the International Community and how to comply with the international requirements through Civil Aviation oversight and airline commitment.
  • Understanding the Private International Air Law on the aspect of the third Party liability regime resulting from Acts of Unlawful Interference

Who shoud attend

From the Civil Aviation Authority - Managers & Staff of:

  • Aviation Security
  • Security Inspectors
  • Legal Affairs
  • Drafting & Evaluation of international Agreements & Conventions

From the Airline - Managers & Staff of:

  • Security
  • Legal Affairs
  • Aviation Security Instructors
  • Area Managers and out stations

From Ministries of Justice:

  • International Agreements Managers and staff

From other Government departments:

Airport Security Officers and staff


  • Air Law – General
  • Adoption of International Air Law
  • Terminology in International Criminal Air Law
  • Public International Air Law
  • Chicago Convention
  • Sovereignty & Jurisdiction
  • ICAO Annexes
  • Aviation Security clause in Bilateral Air Services Agreements
  • Criminal International Air Law:
    • Tokyo Convention 1963
      • Powers of the Pilot In Command
    • The Hague Convention 1970
      • Beijing Supplementary Protocol 2010
    • Montreal Convention 1971
      • Airports Protocol 1988
      • Beijing Convention 2010
    • Marking Plastic Explosives Convention 1991
  • Enforcement and Investigation:
    • Concept of Judicial Officers in Civil Aviation
  • Liability in Private International Air Law:
    • Third Party Liability
      • Rome Convention (1952) (Brief)
      • Unlawful Interference Compensation Convention (2009)
  • National Civil Aviation Law

                     National Model

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