Ground Handling Agreements

Subject areaLaw and Regulations
Course languageEnglish
NameGround Handling Agreements
ProviderRTC AACO
Duration5 Days

Course Benefits

In this course, you will learn to negotiate, draft and apply relevant clauses from contracts. You will be able to understand and interpret the rules and clauses in airline contracts.

Who shoud attend

  • Station managers and assistants
  • Supervisory, managerial staff responsible for negotiating, preparing and reading GHAs
  • Legal Councils and advisors
  • Insurance Manager


  • Introduction
  • chronology
  • Standard Ground Handling Agreements
  • Structure of SGHA
  • Main Agreement
  • Annex A
  • Annex B
  • Bilateral Agreements
  • Reciprocal Agreements
  • Supervisory Agreements
  • service level agreement (SLA)
  • Calculation of Ground Handling Charges
  • Ground Handling Charge Notes
  • Case study

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