Emergency Response Planning & Disaster Management in Aviation

Subject areaAviation Safety
Course languageEnglish
NameEmergency Response Planning & Disaster Management in Aviation
ProviderRTC AACO
Duration5 Days

Course Benefits

Participants will gain a better in depth understanding of how to assess the threats and risks in order to develop a crisis management plan accordingly. Learn how to use effective communication in preparing for a crisis and learn the principles of crisis management. Identify with your staff’s skills in order to delegate their responsibilities, and deal with different types of specialist teams. Be able to develop multiple strategies and to create briefings, as well as to effectively learn how to problem solve and make the proper decisions accordingly. Understand the roles and responsibilities within the Family Assistance Centre and Call center operations. Assess the effects of a crisis on normal operations and continuing flight operations - the challenges and alternatives.

Who shoud attend

The course is designed for all Aviation employees who are involved in Emergency Response Planning and management, as well as middle and top management who have a role in taking responsibilities in case of incidents or accidents.


  • Crisis Management Organization
  • Crisis Leadership
  • Media and Communication in a crisis
  • Human Aspects of an Aviation crisis
  • Post Incident Care for victims of survivors
  • Crisis Management Centre Operations in Aviation
  • Business Continuity /Aircraft and Airport Operators
  • Aviation Incident Response Teams
  • Training and Exercise 

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