Aviation and the Environment

Subject areaEnvironment
Course languageEnglish
NameAviation and the Environment
Duration1 Days

Course Benefits

On completion of the course, the participant will have an appreciation of:

  • The general concept and definition of sustainable development
  • The major impacts related to aircraft operations, namely noise and gaseous emissions
  • The key items of related regulation and legislation
  • The measures already taken and planned to reduce aviation impacts
  • The environmental problems associated with the design, manufacture and disposal of aircraft, and the operation of airports
  • The organisations involved in this work and their respective contributions and responsibilities.

Who shoud attend

  • The course is primarily intended for senior government officials who currently have limited knowledge of aviation environmental issues and who require an appreciation of the subject in their current/future role.
  • However, it is considered that the course would be of benefit to senior officials from other aviation stakeholders, such as airlines, manufacturers and airports, and their participation is also encouraged.


The course comprises the following elements:

  • Sustanable development
  • Aircraft operational impacts 
  • Aircraft/Engine Noise
  • Aircraft Engine Emissions (General)
  • Local Emissions
  • Global Emissions
  • Other aviation impact  
  • Airport Operations
  • Aircraft Lifecycle
  • Organizational Aspects

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