Basic Airside Operations Course

Subject areaGround Operations
Course languageEnglish
NameBasic Airside Operations Course
Duration5 Days

Course Benefits

  • Describe the various components of the airside including Infrastructure, Facilities and People and understand how these components interact to form an operational system.
  • Explain why airports need a systematic approach to Safety Management and describe the various elements required to implement an effective safety management system.
  • Explore the various risks and hazard associated with aircraft ground operations at an airport and how they can be effectively managed.
  • Describe the major aspects of Airport Emergency Management and how airports prepare and respond to airside emergencies.
  • Describe the major aspects of Airport Emergency Management.
  • Understand the importance of Airport Security Management and describe key airport security measures that are in place to protect the airside.
  • Describe safety performance indicators and how information sharing and industry collaboration is key to furthering safety.

Who shoud attend

  • All employees that require airside training as part of their Duties and Responsibilities
  • Employees wishing to enhance their knowledge and skills in airside operations and subsequently advance to leadership and management positions
  • World Business Partners that wish to obtain an understanding of airside operations


  • Aerodrome Certification and Legal Requirements
  • State Safety Programme (SSP) and Safety Management Systems (SMS)
  • Aerodrome Manual Runway and Movement Area Inspections
  • Runway Incursion Prevention
  • Airside Infrastructure,
  • Facilities and People Managing FOD
  • Marshalling and Follow Me
  • Apron Safety Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Airside Security
  • Airside Operations in Low Visibility and LVP Table Top Exercise
  • Wildlife Hazard Management Plan
  • Airside Vehicle Control and Inspections Reports,
  • Investigations and Learning Process
  • Control of Contractors
  • Airside Industry
  • Safety Performance Indicators and safety awareness

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