Airside Accident and Incident Investigation

Subject areaAirport Planning, Operations and Management
Course languageEnglish
NameAirside Accident and Incident Investigation
Duration3 Days

Course Benefits

On successfully completing the course, trainees will be able to:

  • Have an understanding of the legal framework for the conduct of investigations
  • Have an understanding of the organization of a large investigation
  • Have an awareness of risk and hazard in aviation
  • The skills of conducting a local investigation
  • Have an insight into the way explanatory models shape an enquiry
  • Have an understanding of investigation as a tool in an SMS
  • Have an insight into event analysis in order to promote safety

Who shoud attend

  • Any airside operations staff involved in reporting accidents and incidents.
  • Aerodrome Middle Management, Operations, and Safety staff that are required to conduct Accident and Incident Investigations as part of their duties.
  • Any other members of staff who wants to gain an understanding of how to conduct Accident and Incident Investigations.


  • The nature of investigation: Legal requirements, purpose of investigation
  • Conduct of an investigation: Outline of how investigations are managed,
  • Investigation and the link to Safety Management: Investigation as a tool within an SMS, investigation as a validation tool for an SMS Interview techniques
  • Dealing with local incidents: Conducting local investigation Accident and Investigation case studies and exercise
  • Report writing: The structure of reports with emphasis on the Analysis section, the role of recommendation in investigation reports, setting targets and completion dates
  • Learning from events: Drawing the correct conclusions Closing out reports

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