Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Subject areaAviation Safety
Course languageEnglish
NameCrew Resource Management (CRM)
ProviderRTC AACO
Duration3 Days

Course Benefits

Resource Management (CRM) is now accepted in the aviation industry as a critical component of the safety equation and an essential part of airline operations. This uniquely structured course, designed to be conducted as a joint interactive workshop including flight deck crew, flight attendants, engineers and flight operations personnel, will develop and enhance their CRM skills, with specific emphasis on cross-cultural issues. It also provides the necessary guidelines for the participants to conduct a basic CRM program.

Who shoud attend

  • Ab initio pilots, line pilots, training pilots & management pilots.
  • Flight attendants and flight attendant trainers.
  • Mechanics, flight and ground engineers & management engineers.
  • Flight dispatchers and flight operations personnel.


  • Human performance and limitations - concepts and practical examples
  • Culture - theory and translation to practical issues; understanding cross-cultural issues
  • Communication - process, barriers and development of skills
  • Motivation and behavioral analysis - factors, motivational models, behavior classification and application of methodology
  • Stress and conflict management -symptoms, effects and resolution techniques
  • Teaching CRM - the pre-requisites, environment and development of skills

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