Aviation Security for Airline Staff (Flight Deckand Cabin Crew)

Subject areaAviation Security
Course languageEnglish
NameAviation Security for Airline Staff (Flight Deckand Cabin Crew)
ProviderRTC AACO
Duration3 Days

Course Benefits

  • Identify the responsibilities of Crew and Flight Operations personnel for aviation security
  • Appreciate the need for personal security awareness
  • Describe the aims and activities of the module and stress that the protection of the aircraft is an important element within the procedures and measures necessary for total airline protection
  • Aircraft are not only vulnerable from the introduction of prohibited articles and devices by passengers but also by other persons whilst the aircraft is on the ground and either parked or being prepared for service or flight
  • Describe the reasons for aircraft security searches
  • Define the types and timing of aircraft searches
  • Describe the use of search checklists process and options

Who shoud attend

Flight Deck and Cabin Crew members


  • Security responsibilities and awareness
  • Protection of aircraft on ground
  • Aircraft security searches / checks
  • Bomb threats – aircraft on ground
  • Bomb threats – aircraft in the air
  • Response to disruptive passenger in the air
  • In flight response to act of unlawful seizure
  • Ground response to aircraft security emergencies.

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