Aviation Security for Airlines (Ground Services)

Subject areaAviation Security
Course languageEnglish
NameAviation Security for Airlines (Ground Services)
ProviderRTC AACO
Duration3 Days

Course Benefits

  • Understand the need for security awareness
  • Be aware of the security procedures at check-in, screening points and boarding gates
  • Appreciate the need for procedures for the handling,
  • carriage and disposal of restricted and dangerous articles
  • Assist in the process of protecting and searching aircraft
  • Implement the security requirements for hold baggage and passenger/baggage reconciliation
  • Understand the procedures for handling bomb threats to aircraft on the ground
  • To explain that all employees have a security responsibility
  • Advise what can be done by individuals to protect company assets

Who shoud attend

Ground Services staff, Security Personnel


  • Security awareness
  • Screening point and boarding gate security procedures
  • Check-in security procedures
  • Hold baggage security and passenger baggage reconciliation
  • Recognition of prohibited items and devices
  • Protection of aircraft on the ground
  • Aircraft security searches and checks
  • Bomb threats – aircraft on ground

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