Airport Emergency Procedures

Subject areaAirport Planning, Operations and Management
Course languageEnglish
NameAirport Emergency Procedures
ProviderICAO TPP
Duration5 Days

Course Benefits

This course is intended for Airport Managers, Air Traffic managers and other aviation/non-aviation operators, to be able to perform the following activities:

  • Direct and manage an emergency case at an airport;
  • Prepare emergency exercise and drills at an airport and in the laboratory where available;
  • Establish an emergency operation centre and mobile command post;
  • Assign responsibilities to organizations for carrying out specific actions at projected time in response to an emergency occurrence at the airport

Who shoud attend

Fire fighters, air traffic controllers, staff of Nigerian Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), other airport workers and other organizations responsible for managing emergency situations.


Emergency Procedures Study is meant:

  • To provide understanding of different types of emergencies
  • To study airport emergency cases and airport emergency planning particularly in respect to saving lives and maintaining airport operations in the shortest period;
  • To practice evaluating each emergency case positively and negatively.

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