Air Crew Security Trainer

Subject areaAviation Security
Course languageEnglish
NameAir Crew Security Trainer
ProviderRTC AACO
Duration5 Days

Course Benefits

  • Develop simulations, situational exercises and other interactive methods to use in your training courses
  • Equip air crew with tools to respond to in-flight incidents
  • Learn current in-flight security procedures and how to teach them


Who shoud attend

  • This course is designed for all aviation professionals involved in security on board, including: Security Managers and Supervisors
  • Training Managers
  • Security Trainers, Instructors


  • Training Methodologies
  • Implementing new methodologies in the security classroom
  • Using live simulation to demonstrate security threats
  • In-Flight Threats and Responses
  • Aggressive passengers and restraint techniques
  • Acting and reacting in hijacking situations
  • Current Security Threats in Aviation
  • Aircraft security and protection
  • Weapons and explosives recognition
  • Threats versus Risks Activities
  • Live threat simulations with the participation of a trained actor
  • Team discussions and feedback sessions
  • Situational exercises.

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